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Terms and Conditions

1.      Membership

1)       All persons wishing to use the vessels and yachts of the Jersey Sailing Trust must be able to prove that they are registered crew members of the Jersey Sailing Trust by virtue of the following::

i)                     Being clearly registered as a crew member.

(a)      The Crew Membership Application Form must be in the hands of the Membership Secretary

ii)                    By paying a monthly subscription                

(a)      The subscription must have been received within the last 31days

(b)      If no subscription has been received within the last 31days then the membership of the Crew Member will be considered as having lapsed.

(c)       In the event that a crew memberís subscription has not been received the Membership Secretary will re-establish the crew membership upon receipt of receipt of further monthly subscription.

2)       Termination of Crew membership

i)                     By the Crew Member:

(a)      By Notice in writing addressed to the Membership Secretary

(b)      The Crew Membership Application Form will remain relevant

ii)                    By the Jersey Sailing Trust

(a)      By Notice in writing from the Trustee(s) of the Jersey Sailing Trust.

(b)      The Notice of Termination will state the reason for the termination.

2.      Bookings and Reservations

1)       All crew places are managed and displayed on the website at

i)                     The calendar is not intended to be fully interactive and all requests have to be made to

ii)                    If your name is not on the calendar then you may not have confirmed your reservation.

iii)                   If your name is listed by virtue of a seasonal package it is your responsibility to ensure that you are available to utilize the crew place.

(a)      Failure to utilize this longstanding reservation will not be carried forward unless you advise

2)       Each crew member is responsible for requesting their crew place by email at least 24hours before "cast off".

i)                     Sailing Notices for the weekend are usually sent out on the Wednesday once the weather forecast has been assessed.

ii)                    Each request for a crew place is provided in the form of a PayPal Invoice that can be paid over the internet for instant confirmation.

iii)                   Non settlement of an invoice following an email request does not constitute any form of cancellation. This is because:-

(a)      The Jersey Sailing Trust:

                                                                                                                                      i.      has provided the crew member with a contract.

                                                                                                                                    ii.      will provide the service subject to safe weather conditions.

                                                                                                                                  iii.      will otherwise provide an alternative date.

                                                                                                                                  iv.      no refunds will be made.

3)       All crew places are payable in advance of the Sailing Session.

i)                     This is a legal requirement

ii)                    This avoids any risk of confusion over buying a ticket from a licensed ferry service

4)       Each crew member is responsible for confirming their crew place

i)                     Each PayPal Invoice must be settled at least 12 hours before "cast off".

5)       Once a crew member has requested a crew place and the PayPal invoice has been forwarded a contract has been formed and exists between the crew member and the Jersey Sailing Trust.

i)                     Once a "contract" has been entered into the following conditions exist:

(1)     The money is non-refundable.

(2)     The contract which has been so created cannot be cancelled by the crew member.  

(a)      The crew member will still be liable upon receipt of a conventional paper invoice.

(3)     The contract has to be (and can only be ) fulfilled by a mutually convenient alternative sailing session.

(4)     A reservation on behalf of a crew member can be varied at no extra charge provided that at least 12 hours notice is given that would allow the crew place vacancy to offered to others.

6)       In the event that a crew member fails to show up for a specific sailing session the payment for that reservation is forfeited as someone else could possibly have used that crew placing and no refunds are given.

  1. Insurance

1)       Crew Members are again advised that sailing in open waters can be a dangerous pastime and they are advised to observe the instruction of the skippers and instructors who are in charge of the vessels, to wear a lifejacket at all times and leave all personal items ashore.

i)                     Personal Injury

(a)      No insurance is provided by the Trustees of the Jersey Sailing Trust for any instance of personal injury.

(b)      All crew members are advised to consider providing for their own personal risk while sailing

ii)                    Loss of property or Personal Effects

(a)      No insurance is provided for the accidental loss or otherwise of any personal items such as clothing, jewellery, watches, mobile telephones, cameras, personal radios.

(b)      No insurance is provided for the accidental damage to clothing or other personal items and crew members are advised to confirm that their personal effects are insured while undertaking such activities with the Jersey Sailing Trust


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