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The Jersey Sailing Trust has three yachts that are regularly used at the weekends by the residents of Jersey and the Trustees would be delighted to provide mid week sailing opportunities to the guests of your hotel(s) this summer.

All those who use the yachts must be registered crew members of the Jersey Sailing Trust and have signed up to the Terms and Conditions of being at least a Temporary Crew Member at a subscription of 6.00 per week.

They are then welcome to join in the mid week activities of the fleet at the standard (half) Day Sailing Fee of 27.00 per person or 40.00 per person for a full days sailing.

The itineries will vary according to wind, tide and other opportunities that sometimes arise such as the Round the Island Cruise or maybe the Jersey International Air Display where the largest yacht will be anchored in St Aubin's Bay amid hundreds of other vessels.

If you would like more specific information then please contact our

or send text " sailing" to 07797745963 and he will call back.

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