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The Jersey Sailing Trust and its associated companies are manned and staffed by voluntary skippers and crew who enjoy their leisure time on a sail boat. However, they cannot be available every day of the week and occasionally there are particular opportunities for experienced skippers who could be compensated for their time. All enquiries should, in the first instance, be addressed to


Freelance and Part-Time



There are two offshore cruises in 2013 which are being considered as suitable projects for the 36ft Biscay ketch which require the support of a skipper with experience of the French coast. Expressions of interest are invited from experienced persons who have flexible commitments and could assist with the planning and management of one or both of the cruises. Remuneration, as a daily rate, is negotiable.



There are four sailing vessel and a small power boat in the inventory of the fleet of the Jersey Sailing Trust and Qualified Instructors are needed to assist in coaching the crew members in the basic skills of sailing and general seamanship. Remuneration, as an hourly rate, is negotiable.


Voluntary and Honorary



One of the Founder Trustees has indicated that he wishes to step down from the pleasure of assisting in the supervision of the fleet of the Jersey Sailing Trust. Expressions of interest would be welcome from any person who is both an experienced sailor and who believes that they have the integrity to be the custodian of the assets of the Jersey Sailing Trust.



There are two vacancies for the position of Director (initially as a Non-Executive Director) to supervise the activities of the companies that own the vessels. One of the major attractions for this position would be the unchallenged access to the use of any of the vessels under his supervision as well as the responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of each of the boats.



There are always opportunities for Skippers with RYA certificates and also for those with useful experience. The candidates will be interviewed on board one of the 30ft yachts to establish their knowledge and confidence and wherever possible such candidates will be encouraged to use all the various types of vessels available to crew members



The job description of the bosun is simple ...look after the boats...all of them. Make sure that they are seaworthy and in good state of repair. Attend to their appearance every year and make sure that any damage is rectified by dealing with it personally. Be aware of the sailing calendars and which vessels will be needed at particular states of the tide and be on the dock side to assist the skippers and crew when departing and returning to the harbour. To prepare estimates of any essential work in respect of the ongoing maintenance of any specific vessel and to supervise such essential work in a manner appropriate that is acceptable to the satisfaction of the Trustees.


Social Secretary

In addition to the serious sailing activities there occasions when it is pure relaxation to be on board a boat and such events need to be organized and coordinated. The Social Secretary will always enjoy the support of the skippers who will assist in the offshore activity but also in the simple events that are held in the Marina and on shore at various locations such as St Aubin, Gorey and Chausey. If you enjoy arranging BBQ's and making dinner reservations then this could be a real fun thing just for you.


There are also tasks for:






All enquiries should, in the first instance, be addressed to

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