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Second Edition

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30th June

The saga of the stolen fuel tank provided two more surprises.

The RIB was broken into for a second time and the donated fuel tank was also stolen. This time within a few days of both it and the reserves tank being topped up. Fortunately a tank similar to the original installation had also been donated and that was fitted within 24hours with stainless steel cable and two padlocks.

A few hours after fitting the second replacement tank we received a telephone call from the Police asking us to identify a red fuel tank that they had recovered. It would appear that the day before our second "break in" was noticed and formally reported the Police had discovered a hoard of petrol and fuel tanks and amongst them were two red fuel tanks---OURS.

I think our Police are wonderful!

Not that we have had the tanks returned as yet as they remain evidence of a crime.


8th May

We are grateful to Julian R. one of the original Trustees of the Jersey Sailing Trust for the donation of a suitable fuel tank to replace the stolen one. It has now been fitted and all traces of the old "two-stroke" fuel has been flushed out. The RIB is therefore ready "rumble"


28th April

The borrowed fuel tank needs to be returned to Carbet but in order to replace the stolen one we have to raise the money. We will therefore be running a new RIB handling course on June 9th for three crew members to become "approved" to use the 4metre RIB "Tickler". Once the crew member is approved to use the RIB it can be used by that crew member at times when it is not needed as a safety boat for the Etchells.


Our RIB handling course will usually take two Saturday mornings and will provide the crew member with the experience and skill that will enable them to obtain to progress to the RYA Power Boat Certificate 2. The cost of the RIB handling course is 30.00.


17th April

Tickler is now reloaded with a borrowed fuel tank from the small cruising yacht "Carbet".

Would anyone like a sea trial?


Stolen-12th April

Sometime between Saturday evening of the 7th and the morning of Thursday 12th of April a thief, or thieves, with the aid of a bolt cutter, cut through the padlock of the forward locker of the RIB "Tickler" and removed the red Evinrude fuel tank. This was no opportunist theft as there are two padlocks on the RIB and only the fuel tank was taken.


A replacement fuel tank and a new set of stainless steel padlocks will cost 134.00 and unfortunately this is less than the excess (minimum) claim on any insurance policy and so we are offering a special annual membership discount to anyone who is prepared to assist in the replacement of our RIB fuel tank. Please telephone 07829810215 if you would like to help restore the RIB "Tickler" to active service..



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