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Second Edition

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Maintenance Report

There is always something to do on a boat, but when there are four yachts and a RIB to worry about then the list of jobs is endless.

Recently the RIB "Tickler" has to be fitted with a replacement fuel tank following the theft of the original Evinrude design. The replacement was a donation by one of the former Trustees and it was accepted with much gratitude. The installation merely required changing the fuel line connectors on the tank fromthe Evinrude design to the Yamaha version.

Then the 12volt power outlet needed to be changed to be compatible with the modification to the electric pump that is sometimes needed to clear the rain water from the cockpit of the Etchells.

A some point in the near future the electric/hydraulic tilt for the Evinrude is going to be removed and hopefully the two way valve in the hydraulic system can be made to work after the electric switch seized up and ran the power until the battery ran down.

At the end of 2011 a quantity of second hand decking and cedar cladding was donated rather than be burnt. This has now been re-cycled so that the decking forms a platform on the road trailer under Naqapan and a new sail locker. The new sail locker was completed with a large flat, white plastic moulding to keep the water off.

The ketch had a few loose ends that have now been tidied up. The starboard Jackstay on the Mainsail Boom had become untied and dropped onto the deck, one end of the signal halyard on the Mizzen Mast had run all the way to the top of the mast and a second signal halyard had also dropped off the yard arm on the Main mast. These were all replaced for us by a keen and fearless rock climber who hoisted himself up both masts and did an excellent job.

The Garmin 450 Global Positioning System has now been re-positioned from its awkward position near the cockpit floor to a bracket on the rear of the Mizzen mast in front of the compass and the helmsman. It needed a dedicated 12volt power supply to be located at the foot of the mast and required some very old limbs to get into some very small spaces to trace a very small wire and fit the socket where it should be least likely to get damaged.

The hatch to the cabin is now re-varnished and a perspex panel will be available to allow a little more light into the main cabin. Several other varnish tasks will be dealt with over the next few weeks.

The Mizzen sail has been repaired and will hopefully last for another season, but the diagnosis is that the material is now weak ( ripe ) and a replacement will have to be commissioned.

The inflatable dinghy was pumped up several weeks ago and has remained inflated and floating. There is a small leak that needs to be traced and the hole patched if we can find it. The floorboards still need reassembling and when that is done someone will drop the outboard on to the Transom and test the engine.

The Mainsail Cover appears to be in shreds but it is mostly loose material that needs re-stiching and so does the cockpit (spray) canopy. Ultimately all the blue canvas accessories will need replacement but for the current season they can continue to do their job.

The anchor locker needs to be cleaned and the foot switch that operates the windlass needs to be replaced. Anyone who goes near that locker must be wearing heavy ( gardening) gloves for finger protection.

We will need a new suite of personal lifejackets this year as the existing set have been transferred to the Etchells. Better still everyone should be prepared to obtain their own lifejacket and not be totally reliant on someone else to provide them.

It is planned to make life onboard the ketch in the marina a lot easier by updating the kettle for an electric one and possibly installing a small microwave oven rather than have the hassle of replenishing the gas bottles so frequently. Can anyone help with the kettle or a microwave they don't want?

Plans are in motion to lift the ketch out of the water and polish or paint her blue hull. The dents and scratches were inflicted while she was moored in a cradle in the old harbour untill November 2010 when the cradle began to breakup.


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