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Second Edition

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Saturday 11th August

The week was full of anticipation for the weekend British Airways Round the Island Race and it was decided that the ketch should leave the marina earlier than the racing fleet and be somewhere off the east coast by the time that the race leaders caught up.

Sadly, there were only two members who found themselves free of domestic engagements and gathered for a coffee in the yacht club. These two intrepid sailors decided that they would take the ketch out anyway and maybe follow the stragglers. 

The ketch left the marina as the fleet passed the Hinguette Bouy and by the time that Raddedas reached the same mark it was clear that the fleet had got clean away.

The rest of the morning was very leisurely and the crew held on to a course that made good use of the ENE wind that would very conveniently have carried the ketch in full sail Genoa, Main and Mizzen all the way to Granville.

The wind was against the tide for the outward course and maybe just under Force 5 then as the thought of a little lunch seeded the helm reversed course and headed back to Demi de Pas and the marina. Of course these cruises are not without some obstacle getting in the way and one of Condor's Wavepiercers chose to arrive at East Rock Bouy at the same time as Raddedas. This was no real problem as the ketch merely turned away from the wind and crossed the wake before resuming the approach to the harbour still under full sail.

The solitary deckhand dropped the Mizzen, furled the Genoa, started the engine, dropped the Mainsail, put the fenders out, read the paper, made the know how busy it can get.

The marina gate was open and the ketch went straight into her berth without any difficulty and the engine was turned off at 14:24hrs


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