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Saturday 19th May- Sark and back for a Lark

The tide is high at 06:16 on Saturday morning and going out until 12:49 which means that it will be going west for the better part of the morning and would carry a yacht along the south coast. Similarly, the evening tide would carry from the west into St Helier.

The suggestion is to make an early start 06:00 and aim for Sark for the day. There is one proviso however and that is that we must have a full crew of six to make it worthwhile.

It is recommended that you bring sandwiches and refreshments just in case there is no opportunity to get ashore.

Please advise if you wish to join the yacht and be at the gate nearest to Pontoon J, near the Radisson Hotel, at Elizabeth Marina at 06:00hrs. The Members Only, Cruise Fee is 21.50 for which you will receive an electronic invoice by email that can be paid over the internet. Seeemple.


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