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Second Edition

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Thursday 6th September

At last the opportunity arrived to leave the ketch at home and so some fun sailing, or so it was hoped!

Two gentlemen of retirement age "shoved off" from the La Collette Marina pontoon shortly after 09:30 in the knowledge that all was not right.

It was clear that Bacchanal was in need of some serious TLC.

The Foresail could not be attached fully to the Forestay as some of the fastners were missing or unusable and as the Mainsail was raised there appeared a very neat square hole where there should have been a clear plastic window. But that wasn't going to stop these intrepid sailors. Very soon they joined the fleet of regular Retired Gentlemen and noted that they had a big advantage over the white Etchell as they we all motor-sailing up and down the "small roads" awaiting the "Start" sequence.

Now the race rules state that these retired gentlemen can use their engines provided that their sails are down until they cross the Start Line. Which is all very considerate of the rule book except that the white Etchell does not have an engine. So we needed to bend Rule One.

It was decided that the white Etchell would merely have its Jib down and at the ready but the Mainsail could be up in lieu of the lack of an engine.

As the Start time approached Bacchanal hovered around the Start line and listened intently to the start countdown. Five..Four..Three..(Up Jib)( tack for the Start line) Two..One...we were off. Within the first hundred yards it was obvious that all was not well as it appeared that the brakes were still on!

Too much WEEEED.

Oh well! there always next time !


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