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Second Edition

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July 5th

At 10:55 the computer cut lettering for the fresh boat name was being applied and by 11:10 the yacht was in the water.

Time had been an enemy as the crews needed the yacht for the Grand Sailing Past at RCIYC that very same day. The weather had been uncooperative and rained for half days for several weeks and a change of colour scheme was abandoned as the colour of choice appeared to be black rather "Britannia Blue". So the hull of the yacht has been painted and anti-fouled, the engine has been serviced and passed fit for use, there are new sail covers, cockpit canopy, horseshoe lifebelt and "danbouy". The Avon dinghy has been fitted with a new middle seat and the outboard engine has been serviced and tested. The anchor locker has been cleared out and a rusting spare chain that was donated several years ago has been given a burial at sea.

There are several items that are yet to be sourced and installed but these depend on the availability of funds. Does anyone want a corporate day with the use of yacht for up to eight persons for 300?

Raddedas is out of the water for a face lift

On Bank Holiday Monday various crew members moved the ketch to La Colette Boat Park where she is currently undergoing the early stages of "coding" to comply with maritime regulations for the purpose of charter work.

The accumulated weed has been power-washed off and the old anti-fouling is being removed. She will then be given a new coat of paint and fresh anti-fouling after all the mooring wounds have been repaired and white marks have been removed. While this is being done there are new lifejackets to buy, new horseshoe lifebelts to brand, new Genoa sheets, standardised blue fenders and sail covers and spray hood to match the brand new colour scheme.

We need painters, sanders, carpenters, plumbers, sail makers and even a "galley maid" to keep the galley in good shape.

Any help in spreading the workload will be appreciated and for every hour that a member contributes their skills they will be rewarded with an hour at sea.

The "coding" process is likely to take ten days and then the ketch will be returned to her mooring. She will then become a working boat during the week and members can continue to sail on her at the weekends.


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