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Second Edition

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Proof of Membership

Many people have been sailing with the yachts of the Jersey Sailing Trust and almost as many have enjoyed the pleasure of sailing in local waters, however, it is becoming essential to further regulate how membership is defined.

It is now essential to be able to prove membership rather than merely indicate one's interest. Consequently a minor change is required in the way that the crews relate to the support of the vessels that comprise the fleet of the Jersey Sailing Trust. Please bear in mind that all of the vessels are supported by subscription from the membership and that income has been diminishing in the current economic climate.

Firstly the good news is that going forward the Telegraph will continue to carry the news and reports and you may wish to add the site to your Favourites so that you can catch up on the adventures of the various yachts.

Then, as part of the improvements to the process to provide for "proof of membership", it will be necessary for every crew member to be a "fully paid up member". This will require that a regular subscription is actually being received and both parties can point to such subscription to establish such membership.

The principle benefits of being a "fully paid up member" should be noted as follows:

  1. Advance notices of all sailing activity in the way that you have received such notices in the past.
  2. Regular opportunity for "free sailing" during the week days and often at weekends.
  3. Members Rates for Day Sailing or Over Night Cruises.
  4. Inclusion in the insurance cover for any damage to the vessels.


bulletIn the past it would have been debatable whether certain skippers acting on their own initiative should have been liable for damage caused while purporting to be a member but not paying a subscription. Proof of membership may therefore have been in doubt and could possibly have been denied thus allowing the claim of damages against the culprit.
bulletLapsed Members who are not currently "subscribing members" can get access to the vessels of the Jersey Sailing Trust by contacting " and re-establishing their membership.

To prove whether you are a member or not will depend on whether you are regularly subscribing 5.35 each month ( including the winter months) through the PayPal online collection facility. If you have any questions about the advantages of becoming a full paid up crew member of the Jersey Sailing Trust then please contact




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