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Second Edition

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Evening at Sea

The summer might have arrived at last and there was every prospect of a fine spring evening so long as the fog stayed offshore.

Five members boarded the ketch at 19:00 and after the mandatory fizzy drink the ketch motored out to the vicinity of East Rock Bouy and raised the mainsail at the first attempt now that the LazyJacks that keep the sail from flopping over the boom had been sorted. 

It being almost high tide the helmsman choose to steer a SW over the reef until a single tack would take the ketch northward into the bay toward the Baliene Bouy. During this period the wind was picking up to slightly higher than Force 5 but several of the crew commented how comfortable they were in the light of their experience a few weeks earlier when the wind was known to have been Force 6.

Once past the Baliene Bouy the ketch tagged on to the end of the  line of racing yachts that were heading for the Club Finish Line over the Elizabeth Castle causeway. As the sun was slowly sinking behind a low bank of cloud that would have been fog over the west of the island it was obvious that the best part of the day had already been enjoyed and so the ketch headed for home via the shortest route and they too headed over the causeway to the marina gate. The depth of water was never less than five metres during this rare excursion behind the castle and it was noted that it could only be attempted with safety on the high tide.

The crew returned the ketch to her berth just on 21:00hrs just as the cloud closed around the marina and brought in that all too familiar cool breeze.

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