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Dinner Date ...Chausey!

Reservations are now being taken for dinner in Chausey including transfer by power boat, for an evening with perfect weather, sometime during the week commencing 4th June. See the Calendar for the Zodiac.

This event is definitely something to remember.

Basically, the dinner crew wait for the sea to be a flat calm and then at about 17:30 hrs they board two large RIB's which have a top speed of about 45 knots and dinner is served at 19:00hr French time.

Diners usually have the pleasure of watching the sunset from the dining table and then there is the ride the dark!

The cost is in three parts: Dinner paid to the Restaurant; Fuel cost is divided equally amongst however many dinner crew (about 20) and; a small donation is appreciated towards the annual cost of our own RIB "Tickler".

Please form an orderly queue at the mail box !




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