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September 7-9th

Brewin Dolphin 2012Jersey Regatta

The end of season Brewin Dolphin 2013 Jersey Regatta was upon us and then gone. Were we ready for it? Not really but a sponsor came forward and Bacchanal was made as ready as possible in the time available.

It was not practical to enter the Friday series as the hull was being cleaned and the race paperwork completed. So it was on the Saturday that the crew assembled on the marina and headed for the middle of St Aubins bay and joined the race fleet.

During the second race of the morning the majority of the Class 3 Racer/Cruisers we able to use their colourfull spinnakers, but, Bacchanal is not normally prepared to sail with her Spinnaker and had to work very hard to stay in touch with the fleet. But the classic style of the International Etchell proved it was up to the challenge and overtook many of the fleet even without her Spinnaker and crossed the finish line in about fourth position out of about nine yachts. If a handicap had been applied against the Spinnakers then it might have been an even better story.

The first of the Sunday races was completed despite frightening the life out of a visiting French yacht who did not expect our smaller yacht to tack to the windward mark while they were still some way behind us and obscured by their large Genoa. If Bacchanal had stayed on its new tack there could have been a serious collision but quick evasive reaction by the Bacchanal crew saved the smaller yacht from being carved in half only to find that our French friends intended to Protest against us. The question would have been "who had right of way ?" or had the French yacht reached the point at which point it was overtaking "Bacchanal?  

In the light of a useful lesson from the previous day, when Bacchanal did pay her 360 degree Protest penalty just before the Finish line, Bacchanal did her 360 degree "pirouette" immediately in full view of the French yacht and pressed on with her race.

As the race proved to be quite lengthy the crew decided that they would not compete in the second race and headed back to the marina very relaxed and having enjoyed the brisk sailing of the one race.

Make a note that, for the 2013 Spring Regatta, Bacchanal needs earlier preparation and a clear strategy for sailing with full choice of sails and three crew or to sail very light with new white sails, only two crew and no Spinnaker.


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