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Members Cruise 28-4-2013

A skipper and three crew members assembled for Coffee at the Radisson Blu Hotel at 09:00 and boarded the ketch soon after 09:30. The crew was assembled from those who could not get on board a week earlier and there were obviously two "no shows" so  it would have have helpful if they had let someone know that they could not take up the invitation so that their places could have been offered to others.


The ketch slipped her mooring just before 10am and motored out towards the Elizabeth Castle breakwater from where she turned into the NE wind and the deck crew speedily raised the Mainsail. With the Mainsail up and the foredeck secure the the Helmsman turned down wind and crew took up positions to unfurl the Genoa taking great care not to invite an involuntary Gybe from the following wind. The short run to East Rock Bouy required careful steering so as to maintain the wind in the sail but with the gentle assistance of the noble Volve-Penta engine the crew rounded the bouy and headed south towards the red "Hinguette Bouy" with the engine just ticking over.


Because of the following wind it became easier to steer a course toward Demi Des Pas Lighthouse and the skipper gave the order "Finish with Engine". The new course took the crew out of the path on one of the incoming high speed ferries and once the gaggle of other French vessels had passed by the crew considered a change of course to the west. For the second time that morning a very slow Gybe through south and west was planned and carefully executed until the helmswoman was heading the ketch towards Corbiere. The ketch continued on this westerly course until it was due south of the Raudiere Bouy at which time the ketch turned into the wind for the first time.


The change of course to a northerly direction was dramatic. The ketch heeled to port very firmly and the speed increased very positively until well past Raudiere and smoothly inside St Aubins Bay where the yachts of the Connex Regatta were storming across the bay under full spinnaker. At this point it was noticed that we would be crossing their path rather too closely and so the skipper turned west and away from the charging fleet so as not to come into any conflict over whose right of way it might be while on an opposing course. At this point it was decided to "heave to" and make coffee. Then disaster! it was found that the gas bottles were empty!


After a quick search of the main cabin it was found that there were supplies of bottled water as well as a few other types of bottles left over from last seasons SunDowner events. Strangely, no one fancied an alcoholic drink at mid day on a cold April day.


The ketch motor sailed back to Elizabeth Marina and straight through the tide gate to her berth where the crew tucked her safely into her berth in at the first attempt. It is now very simple to secure the ketch in the right position as the mooring lines are set out to just the right length and there is a short "spring" to ensure that she does not ride forward and damage her bow against the pontoon framework.


In the coming week it is likely that the ketch will be taken out of the water and prepared for a fresh coat of paint, providing that the weather shows signs of a few days of dry sunny weather. In addition to this serious piece of TLC there should be an opportunity to retrieve the two signal halyards from the mast head and restore the "lazyjacks" to the boom of the Mainsail which had become untied during the winter months.


Next week is the Jersey Boat Show and any one wanting to go sailing is welcome to join us for a free sail.





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