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Updating our stock of Automatic Lifejackets

As many of you will be aware there are always Lifejackets available for each member of crew and it is inevitable that these essential items need to be serviced and ultimately replaced. They are normally of the automatic type and occasionally one of them meets a soggy situation and it inflates. One such situation occurred, without any actual emergency, in the Avon dinghy, in the dark, while transferring members of the crew from the beach at Dixcart Bay in Sark. The incident turned humorous as one of the crew fell into the dinghy which had collected some seawater from the action of the surf and accidentally sat on the vacant Lifejacket. What happened next was inevitable and reminiscent of a "whoopee cushion". The really unfortunate thing about this event is that the incident actually burst the inflated lifejacket and it became a "write off"
It is of some importance to report that that is the only occasion that a crew member has ever actually inflated any of our Lifejackets in ten years. Needless to say this email is leading to an appeal to help us update the stock of six automatic lifejackets BUT in return for the donation you are invited to wear one on two occasions between the date of purchase and the week before the 2015 Spring Regatta.
If you are willing to help us with this update then please Donate button and follow the link:

Donation of 49.50

for the replacement/purchase of one fully automatic lifejacket

( and two Saturday Sailing sessions from 09:00 to about 12:30)

 Alternatively, we can accept your subscription, or any other payment, if you prefer to make payments directly from your internet bank facility. Please ask for the Sort Code and Account Number.

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