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In order to accommodate families with keen sailors who are less than eighteen years of age the Trustees have agreed to accept applications for membership from parents of young persons who have achieved all they can through a dinghy school.

The Family Membership allows for one parent to accompany one young person of their family on board any of the yachts of the Jersey Sailing Trust subject to detailed discussion about the aims and ambitions of the young family member. The ultimate decision to sail with any young person on board any of the yachts of the Jersey Sailing Trust is down to the skipper of the yacht on the day that sailing is planned. If the weather is not suitable because the wind is too strong or there is not enough manpower from the other crew members then the skipper may insist that the young family member reserves an alternative date for their cruise/voyage.

As a family member of the Jersey Sailing Trust you will receive all notifications about the activities of the both the Jersey Etchells and the blue water yacht Raddedas II. You are also welcome to join other members on board the yachts for all marina events such as Friday Night Sundowner and any of our parties ashore at the yacht clubs. However, please note that you will need to "pay as you go" for any cruising and day sailing unless you subscribe alternatively to one of those options.

Please note that the Family Membership is essentially a monthly subscription equivalent to one Basic Crew Membership, but clearly two crew places will be taken up when the young person is accompanied by a guardian or parent. This means that two "sailing fees" will be due.

The following subscription payment facility is collected by PayPal on behalf of the Jersey Sailing Trust.

Please be aware that you do not need to have a PayPal account but when you are asked to "Log in to complete your checkout" at the first PayPal page you will need to locate the phrase "credit or debit card " to begin the process which will help you complete your transaction using your normal debit or credit card.

Basic Monthly Subscription,         9.00


Alternatively, we can accept your subscription, or any other payment, if you prefer to make payments directly from your internet bank facility. Please ask for the Sort Code and Account Number.

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