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As part of your corporate social responsibility a Corporate Membership of the Jersey Sailing Trust will provide your staff with the opportunity to further discover the island of Jersey while helping students gain a range of life skills.

An Annual Corporate Membership will provide your organisation with Pass Cards for two staff members to regularly crew or use a 30ft keel boat similar to the white yacht in the above picture gallery. If you are a larger institution then you may wish to hold more Pass Cards to help your staff and those seeking useful opportunity.

In response to each Corporate Membership Application, the Jersey Sailing Trust will provide crew opportunities for three students who are ordinarily resident in Jersey but who may not yet have found employment and would not otherwise be able to broaden their portfolio of skills.

Apart from being shown how to sail an ocean going yacht, the student crew members will be given an insight into team building and integrating into a work group. They will also be provided with Time Management tips and understand the purpose of task delegation.

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